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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between the state site and the ten local sites?

Organizations and opportunities from each local site are also displayed on this state site, VolunteerME: State of Maine. Individuals who find an opportunity of interest on the state site will be automatically redirected to the relevant local site to respond to the opportunity. Local sites are based on United Way service area.

Are organizations and opportunities created on the state site also displayed on the local sites?

No. It only works the opposite way. Organizations and opportunities created on the local sites are also displayed on the state site automatically.

My organization is statewide and recruiting volunteers for opportunities which could take place in any/every Maine county or town (i.e. virtual opportunities, advocacy opportunities, volunteer-led opportunities, etc.). Where should I create an account(s)?

Create/manage your organization account from this state site, VolunteerME State of Maine, by clicking here


Create accounts on each of the ten local sites, adding a regional qualifier after your organization and opportunity name, i.e. Sample Organization - Greater Portland, Sample Opportunity - Greater Portland, to reduce the appearance of duplication when they each roll up to the state site.

My organization is not statewide but has opportunities in several regions. How can I recruit volunteers?

We recommend creating an organization account on each of the relevant local websites where your opportunities take place. Please be sure to use a regional qualifier after your organization name and any of the same opportunities, i.e. Sample Organization - Greater Portland, Sample Opportunity - Greater Portland, to reduce the appearance of duplication when they each roll up to the state site. To make this easier to manage, we recommend bookmarking each local site and using the same password when you log in to each one. Make sure you are posting only opportunities which take place in that particular local area on each local site.

My organization already had an account, but we haven't logged in since the upgrade (July 2016). Where do I log in?

Your organization account has likely been transferred to the relevant local website(s). You can search for your organization from the front page of any local site. Select Organizations from the dropdown menu. Search by selecting the Name filter and typing in your organization name. If it shows up, then you or another staff member have an existing organization account on the site. You may need to reset your password if you're having trouble logging in for the first time. Contact your local United Way for additional help.

I need help creating and managing my organization account!

Sign up for a webinar or watch a brief training video to get started. Just note that our version of the site uses the terms "opportunity" and "organization," whereas the website company's default is "need" and "agency." For other questions, please check here or contact your local United Way.

I'm looking for other volunteerism resources (recognition opportunities, professional development resources, national service and service enterprise information, etc.).

Check out - the Maine Commission for Community Service's one-stop source for volunteer information.